Interested in International Development? Get involved with SIIDshare!

SIIDshareIf you're interested in International Development, social justice and tackling global issues on a human scale, SIIDshare is for you. 

SIIDshare is a student run social enterprise within the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID) to promote involvement of students from all disciplines and levels of study in the field of International Development.

SIIDshare offers you the opportunity to gain practical experience and the chance to become involved in the field of International Development through different activities such as conferences, training events, outreach work, formal volunteering roles and international development projects with our partner organisations both within the local region and overseas.

SIIDshare values learning beyond your degree, challenging yourself, broadening experiences and developing individual strengths and skills. The activities done through SIIDshare are recognised by the University of Sheffield as extra-curricular achievements on students' Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

To find out more are SIIDshare and the opportunities available to you, visit the SIID website