Support groups for students experiencing: grief, loss, life-change or isolation

Support groups can be an effective way to find solidarity and mutual support in challenging times.

Such groups, run by the Chaplaincy for all students, as non-judgemental, confidential and non-religious activities continue, but now online via video meeting, during these extraordinary times of pandemic crisis. In addition to our long-term provision of grief support groups for students, after the death of a loved one, we are also offering support groups for those experiencing other life-altering circumstances, including for: loss, life-change and isolation.

You may wish to consider participating in a group with others who are in a similar position to yourself. When you express an interest in joining a group you can choose what topic area you want to share about. You will then be placed in a group with people in a similar situation to yourself.

Groups run for three sessions, for one hour, every four days. The group happens via Google Meet as a facilitated peer-to-peer conversation. The group facilitator will be an advisor or chaplain from the Chaplaincy Centre. Please note that these are not drop-in sessions - group members must register in advance and be willing to attend all 3 sessions.

The next scheduled groups will happen on these dates, depending on participant availability, and a suitable time of day - usually either 12.15pm or 2.30pm:

Option 1 27 April, 30 April, May 4
Option 2 28 April, 1 May, 5 May
Option 3 7 May, 11 May, 14 May
Option 4 12 May, 15 May, 19 May

Express interesting in joining a group

If you have questions or would like more information please contact Kathryn Fey-Beatson, Chaplaincy Administrator at

The sessions are not religious in purpose or intent, these groups are designed in consultation with the University Counselling Service and other advisory services.

These student groups are organised by the University's Chaplaincy Centre in addition to the one-to-one support offered, year-round to staff and students.