The Students' Union wants you to share your view

Your SU Your ViewSheffield Students’ Union is Your SU!

Your SU’s purpose is to represent, support and enhance the lives of University of Sheffield students through all we do.

All this week we are running focus groups with students asking them what they think about our strategic plan to achieve our vision as a leading students’ union. But we want to hear from you too. What do you think about how the SU represents you, supports you or enhances your life?

We’re asking you to answer 2 questions: 'What’s good about what Your SU does for students?' and 'What could Your SU do better/differently?'

Your opinion is really important and the feedback we get this week will help the Students’ Union develop to be even better for you.

Share your view on Students' Union website or stop at the stalls in the main Plaza of the Students’ Union building from Monday 18 - Friday 22 May to put your views on a Post-it and stick it on our feedback wall!

Your SU is running for the next 4 weeks. In upcoming weeks we’ll be sharing information on what Your SU has done for students this past year, and see what was said during this week of sharing your views. Check back on the website or keep your eye out in the Students’ Union building.