Academic Support

Throughout the process you will need to provide a level of academic support to the student.

Academic Support - Your Role

  • You should have a good idea about which Exchange partners are acceptable and not acceptable choices for your students.
  • Offer advice to the students on courses matching curriculum between University of Sheffield and the host university.
  • Students need to be made aware of the departmental academic requirement to stay on the programme. This is likely to be an average of 55 or 60 for the previous year.

Global Opportunities will email you in March and June to ask if there are any students being withdrawn from the exchange programme due to academic performance. Please do not withdraw students after the autumn semester if they have the opportunity to make up in the spring semester.

  • Whilst a student is overseas you must ensure that students are enrolled for the correct modules and make any changes before the host university add/drop period.

You should keep in touch with the student. If we receive a transcript for their first semester, this will also give you an indication of how they are getting on.

  • You may wish to formalise the agreed courses by using the Course Approval Form 
  • You should discuss what information a student must bring back from their year abroad - i.e. a portfolio of work including copies of essays, lab reports, exam papers, mid term papers, etc
  • Finally you will be sent the students transcript via Global Opps or in some cases directly from the student. You need to ensure that work with the correct colleague in your academic department to go through the transfer of grades. Please note some partners will only provide electronic transcripts, or will charge students for hard copies.

Global Opportunities and Exchanges do not have a universal system in place for converting grades.  Please find some guidance on grade conversion and the University's Grade Conversion Policy on the LETS web page.

Please note each department uses their own system to convert grades.