Meet our SURE Students 

Project: Women’s Right to Choose in EU Law, 

Faculty of Social Science

Laura Robinson, School of Law 

"My SURE placement was genuinely an incredible experience. I was able to work alongside leading academics on a project that could potentially have had a far reaching impact for women. Once the SURE placement finished I created a creative stop motion video to explain my project. This video went on to win the award for the Best Non-poster Dissemination. Furthermore, I was awarded the prize for Student Researcher of the Year which was an amazing achievement. I was honoured to have been asked to speak at the showcase to inspire future researchers."

"I was constantly supported by my very talented supervisor Tamara Hervey. She was both dedicated and committed to the project which in turn inspired me to try my best. She was genuinely interested in helping me learn and maximising my potential. The SURE project has allowed me to develop as a person and provided me with numerous opportunities. I urge you to apply. You will not regret your decision."

Beyond SURE: 

"I was asked to continue my research in this area, and I am currently being funded by the University of Kent."

Project: Bringing Silk to Life, Faculty of Engineering

Danielle O’Loughlin, Department of Bioengineering

"As part of the SURE scheme, I was able to investigate an area of bioengineering that I found particularly interesting but that my course did not cover in great detail. I designed and constructed a device that allowed the creation of wild silk fibre arrays which could then be used to assess the viability of wild silks as a biomaterial. Taking part in the SURE scheme provided me with the opportunity to familiarise myself with the laboratory setting before commencing my final year, where I chose a final year project also based on wild silks. SURE gave me the opportunity to improve my scientific writing and through the workshops that were available, I gained invaluable knowledge of dissemination methods."

"This scheme allowed me to experience independent research and has definitely helped to enhance my CV."


Beyond SURE:

"One year after completing the SURE scheme, I was given the opportunity to assist with an exhibition at the ‘Royal Society of Science Summer Exhibition’ with the Natural Materials Group, led by Dr Chris Holland; Lauren Browning, another SURE student who created the exhibition as part of her project; and the Oxford Silk Group. Without partaking in the SURE scheme I would never have had this opportunity which involved disseminating the research I have undertaken, along with the Natural Materials Group, to members of the public and other academics, an experience I am very grateful for. Completing the SURE project reinforced my desire to conduct research and ultimately inspired me to embark upon a PhD."

Project: The University of Sheffield School of Law: Utopian Visions and Developments in the Early Twentieth Century, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Daniel Watson, Department of History

"SURE allowed me to pursue my own personal research interests as part of a broader inter-departmental project. I acquired valuable experience in archival work and examination of original source material, which is rare at undergraduate level. The SURE scheme gave me greater insight into the structure of an academic research project and how to approach research questions. Working to self-imposed and official deadlines improved my time management skills. These aspects were invaluable when it came to researching for and writing my dissertation. It also deepened my understanding of what to expect out of a research career."


Beyond SURE:

"As a result of my SURE project I was invited to present my poster at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research. This, combined with presenting at the SURE Showcase, gave me vital training in communicating my findings to audiences perhaps unfamiliar with my discipline. Above all, it has affirmed my desire to continue on to postgraduate study and to pursue a career in research."

Project: The Pattern of Ice Sheet Dynamics and Retreat in Alaska, Faculty of Social Sciences

Emily Gribble, Department of Geography

"I carried out the SURE scheme before my final year as a BSc Geography student. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of carrying out research and developing a better understanding of what is involved in a research project. It massively helped my transition into third year in terms of having to plan and carry out my own piece of research for my dissertation. I developed a more advanced knowledge of a Geographical Information System (GIS) compared to quite a lot of my peers which was invaluable in my research which involved significant use of a GIS. I also developed a very good working relationship with my supervisor, Jeremy Ely, who provided me with support and guidance throughout my SURE project and during my dissertation project. Having this support during my dissertation research was, I think, paramount to my confidence whilst doing my dissertation and its subsequent success."


Beyond SURE:

"The SURE scheme has enabled me to find my research passion. I am currently continuing my SURE research for my Master’s thesis at the University of Sheffield. Little did I know how valuable this experience would be when applying for the SURE scheme! Jeremy Ely, Chris D. Clark, and myself, have produced a joint publication based on the SURE research project: Jeremy C. Ely, Emily A. Gribble, and Chris D. Clark ‘The glacial geomorphology of the western cordilleran ice sheet and Ahklun ice cap, Southern Alaska’ in Journal of Maps (September, 2016)"

Beyond SURE


SURE students have taken part in a number of conferences and events to disseminate their research, including:

International Finance and Banking Society 2018 Conference Laura Sheshi ICFAB

In 2018, SURE student Laura Sheshi took her research to the International Finance and Banking Society Conference, which took place in Porto, Portugal. 

"The SURE Scheme gave me the opportunity to conduct research on a topic of my interest. My topic was "How the Government Can Encourage Organisations to use Environmental Management Accounting through Laws and Regulations - Case on Albania". The prestigious SURE Scheme, how it is structured and the rigorous application steps boost the quality of the research topic because every student has to do lots of critical thinking and lots of independent research to decide about the topic and the objectives before submitting. This scheme also gave me a great opportunity to work along with a very professional lecturer like my supervisor Dr. Wael Hadid. I strongly believe that the structure of the SURE Scheme and the collaboration with my supervisor increased the quality of my research topic and made it within the standards of the other researchers that present their topics at great international research conferences like IFABS Conference. International Finance and Banking Society was founded in 2008 in the United Kingdom. It has become one of the world's leading research networks dedicated to the promotion of cutting-edge research in the areas of Banking and Finance. Being in the same environment as the greatest researchers in Finance and Banking, listening to and getting feedback from them was a great experience that emphasized more my desire and goal to continue for a PhD in the future... SURE Scheme is a great internship opportunity for all the students interested in doing independent research on topics of their interest, and for students who believe that research is the path towards the greatest discoveries."


A number of our students have been co-authors for academic papers and other publications.

Jeremy C. Ely, Emily A. Gribble, and Chris D. Clark ‘The glacial geomorphology of the western cordilleran ice sheet and Ahklun ice cap, Southern Alaska’, Journal of Maps (September, 2016)"

Thomas Curran, Fatima Abacha, Stephen Hibberd, Matthew Rolfe, Melissa Lacey, Jeffrey Green, 'Identification of new members of the Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655 SlyA regulon', Microbiology Society (January, 2017)

Tim Shephard and Patrick MacMahon, 'Visualising Musical Judgement and Moral Judgement in Italy ca.1520'

Tamara Hervey and Sally Sheldon, 'Abortion by telemedicine in Northern Ireland: patient and professional rights across borders', Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, [S.l.], v. 68, n. 1, p. 1–33, May 2017. ISSN 2514-4936.

George E Fowler and Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt, 'Clinicians' perspectives on the duty of candour: Implications for medical ethics education', Clinical Ethics (August-03-2017)

Molly Preger, 'The Sheffield Jewish Journal (February 1945-1955), Jewish Historical Society of England

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Gregor Lawrence, Faculty of Science

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'Thermal Imaging Cameras', Matthew Cannon, Tigerlily Bradford, Chay Callaghan, Chi Chow, Muhammad Shuja and Bethany Wooton