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Transport Services provides vehicle services to support teaching, research and student activities such as field trips, as well driving activities associated with the day-to-day business of the University.

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Vehicles are available through purchase, lease and daily rental to the University. Transport Services works with departments in supporting them to comply with the necessary legal requirements associated with driving on University business. Click here to read our full policies and procedures for driving at work.

As an integral member of Estates & Facilities Management, Transport Services work hard to provide the right vehicle choice, making travel both efficient and effective while ensuring you are kept safe and secure. To reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions and to be environmentally friendly, they also have four hybrid vehicles on campus. The University fleet continues to evolve, building on a fleet audit check by the Energy Saving Trust. Our commitment towards a greener planet continues as we develop our sustainable travel strategies.

All the information you need to plan your vehicle requirements is provided on these webpages - you can also contact us.

You are advised to view our legal and safety information before booking a vehicle.

Transport Services
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