Featured news

Give prominence to your most important current news stories.

Example of featured news Component on Home

Who can use this Component?

Group owners, Group editors and Group supervisors (assign News stories/News links to Component and insert Component on Home)


Use the Featured news Component to highlight your most important news to your site's visitors. It can also save time and effort as it means you no longer have to manually update news on your homepage.


The Featured news Component can be used in two places:


Adding Featured news to a News index

The Featured news Component is populated using the Featured status option on the News story or News link Content types.

By default all News stories and News links have the status of Standard story. This means they will display as an item on your News index in reverse chronological order.

If you want to promote certain stories you can change their featured status to:

  • Main story (1 below) - has the highest priority. Displays the story full width at the very top of the page as your most important/relevant story
  • Featured story (2 below) - has the second-highest priority. If the Main story is present then featured stories will sit under that. You should have no more than two to three Featured stories - never just one. If no Main story is present then the Featured stories will appear at the very top of the page.
The News Index pages allows for sticky main and featured stories top appear above regular index stories

Adding Featured news to Home

Featuring key news stories on your homepage is a great way to keep it feeling fresh and up to date.

It's easy to get the Featured news Component to appear there. Add it via the 'Add Component' button on your Home Content type.

We'd recommend using this Component lower down in the layout of your homepage in most cases. It's appropriate to position it higher if finding news stories is a top task for visitors to your site.

If you haven't changed the status of any News stories or News links Main or Featured then don't use this Component on your Home.

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