Request temporary CMS access for a student

Access to the University CMS is usually reserved just for members of staff. However, under special circumstances a student may be given temporary access.


It's beneficial for the University to have a smaller number of skilled members of staff who log in to the CMS and edit content regularly instead of a large number of editors. Experienced editors may also be better informed when making decisions about their web pages.

Bringing in a less experienced person for a limited period of time to work on a website may not give the best results. Any investment in training will also be lost when they leave.

Before you request CMS access for a student

We recommend that you first see whether it is possible to free up the time of a more experienced CMS editors or develop one of your less-experienced CMS editor to complete the work.

If you have exhausted these options then you can consider requesting that a student is given access to the CMS. This is more likely to be granted if

  • it is part of an internal scheme such as an On CampUS placement
  • it will create an opportunity for the student or give them specific experience related to their area of study
  • it is a contained bit of work with a clear brief and goals
  • they can offer specific skills that are lacking in your department, for example copywriting

Request CMS access for a student

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