Quote widget

What is it?

The quote widget displays a quote in the secondary content area.

The fonts used and style of the box are pre-defined. There are currently two colour options:

  • the default colour, which is white text on a grey background
  • a highlight colour, related to the colour of the global section you are in - for example, blue for the Departments & Services

The widget features speech marks and a line of attribution text below. You can also link the whole box to another page or resource.

Using the quote widget is more accessible for users than creating an image containing text as a graphic.

What should it be used for?

A quote can be a powerful and authentic way of communicating with your audience. The quote widget is designed to help you insert a quote quickly and easily.

Typical examples of how it could be used are below. Normally these would appear in the secondary content area on a page - we have placed images representing them in the main body of the page here just to illustrate the examples.

A student quote on a recruitment-focused page:

Example of highlight quote

A quote from a graduate on a course page:

Example of default quote

A quote on a research case study page:

Example of blue quote

Things to consider

A few things to consider for the quote widget:

  • Content within a quote widget will be seen as a genuine quote from that organisation or individual. So only use verifiable quotes that are accurate and true. Never, ever make up a quote to use on your website
  • Always attribute your quote using the attribution field
  • Don't use too many widgets on one page. A secondary content area packed with too much content will unbalance your page
  • Remember to follow University style when you write text to be used inside a quote widget. For example, use sentence case, not title case
  • The title of the box is only used to identify it in the CMS, it isn't actually displayed on the page
  • You don't need to put in speech marks around the quote, as these are inserted automatically. Keep your actual quote as short as possible. The number of characters you can use for this is capped
  • Only link the quote widget to a page if there is a logical connection. For example, you would only really link a student quote to a student profile page or a page about the course they were talking about. A quote from a report should link to more detail about the report or the organisation that wrote the report

How to insert a quote widget

  1. Open to edit the page or folder you want to add a quote widget to
  2. Click the Secondary content content tab
  3. Select Quote widget from the dropdown and click Create
  4. Type in your title, quote and source/attribution text
  5. Choose a colour scheme - either default or highlight
  6. Insert a link if you think there is a relevant page to link to
  7. Click Insert

You can remove a widget by clicking the red cross on the right-hand side of the list of widgets.