A Hub is a high-level but text-light page which signposts the most important content with the section of a website to visitors.

Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Admins and Group Owners (create, edit, unpublish).
  • Group Editors (edit, unpublish).


Postgraduate study in the School of English


You should use a Hub to signpost to associated pages within a section of your website.


The header allows you to summarise the purpose of the page. Component functionality allows you to add signposting components and media.


When creating a page, choose the Hub Content type. Then assemble the page using the components below.


Intro and header image

This is the image and text at the top of the page. Choose a good quality, eye-catching photograph and use a clear description that summarises the hub content.

The image is optional and without one the page will default to a full-width blue background box with white text.

Example of a hub header image.


Make use of a variety of signposting boxes and cards, media and text boxes. Learn about Components (formerly Paragraphs) for further instructions on how to insert them.

Examples of multicoloumns and signposting boxes.

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