APS 226 Animal Diversity Practical

Level 2
Semester 1
Credits 10
Pre Requisites APS 135
Co Requisites APS240 Data Analysis and APS272 Animal Diversity
Teaching Staff Professor Terry Burke, Dr Penelope Watt
Co-ordinator Dr Penelope Watt
Restrictions Not available to Ecology or Plant Science Students


This course will teach students how to: (i) assign animals to major phyla (and know why they have done so), (2) use a biological key to identify specimens and (3) observe and identify animals in the field.


Animal Diversity comprises four self-directed, task-driven practical exercises designed to give students an opportunity to develop knowledge and observation and recording skills so that they can assign animals to major taxa, use a biological key and identify animals in the field. Students will be required to keep a zoological notebook in which they record and illustrate their observations. Note, this module requires APS 272 and APS 240 as co-requisites.

Delivery Method: Introductory session, 3 hour practical sessions running over the 12 week semester, 1-day field trip to the coast, 1/2-day field trip to a bird reserve. 

Student Contact Hours: 32

Assessment Method: Submission of laboratory notebook. One spot test examination on identification of specimens and course material.

Feedback: Students will receive verbal feedback during the practical and written feedback on lab books after marking.

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