An endangered bird identified in the research
An endangered bird identified in the research

World leading scientists develop new approach to bird conservation

11 April 2014 A new approach to species conservation which could change how we protect the world’s most endangered birds has been developed by a team of the world’s leading scientists, including the University of Sheffield.

Supporting conservation
An iceberg in eastern Greenland

New research puts conventional theories about Titanic disaster on ice

9 April 2014 We’ve dispelled a long-held theory that the Titanic was unlucky for sailing in a year with an exceptional number of icebergs.

Tracking icebergs

Ground breaking #weareinternational campaign attracts 100th supporter

10 April 2014 Our campaign to highlight the crucial value of international students has now been backed by 100 universities, education institutions and international organisations.

Protecting international students
A selfie picture taken by an international student and a home student at the University of Sheffield

Expert comment

Vladimir Putin has changed the meaning of ‘Russian’ according to one of our political researchers.

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The Russian flag

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