A researcher working in a lab at the University of Sheffield
The Earth seen from space

UN Conference on Climate Change

Tackling climate change isn’t pie in the sky; the answers lie beneath our feet

27 November 2015: Our scientists are joining world leaders in Paris to tackle climate change. Here’s how we’re helping.

Tackling climate change

Tax study

Tax summaries could contribute to anti-welfare views

20 November 2015: The way annual tax summaries are presented may contribute to anti-welfare sentiments, according to a study.

Tax summary research
A tax summary underneath money
A bird observed in the study

Bird behaviour study

How to pull the birds: it's in your genes

16 November 2015: Our scientists have found that the mating behaviour of birds is genetically determined.

Behaviour and genetics

Expert comment

Autumn Statement 2015: What the experts say

Experts at the University give their academic views on George Osborne’s Autumn Statement.

What our experts say
The Houses of Parliament

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