Hands holding rice
Hands holding rice

Grantham Centre Launch

University centre will focus on finding sustainable ways to feed the world

20 October 2014: Our pioneering new research centre is set to tackle the problem of feeding the world’s growing population in a sustainable way.

Changing the world

Parkinson's Research

Effects of Parkinson’s mutation are reversible

15 October 2014: Our researchers have found vital new evidence on how to target and reverse the effects of Parkinson’s.

Fighting Parkinson's
A microscope image of a cultured cell
A crop plantation

Oil Palm research

Oil palm crops leading to loss of rainforests

8 October 2014: Our latest study shows oil palm crops will lead to the loss of tropical forests.

Addressing global challenges

Expert comment

Plants can actually take care of their offspring – here’s how

Our scientist Bianca Santini comments on mechanisms in plants which allow them to take care of their offspring.

Plant evolution
A tomato plant rising from soil

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