Two students from the University of Sheffield
Two students from the University of Sheffield

Times Higher Education awards

University honoured for inspiring students from across the globe

28 November 2014: We’ve been honoured for providing exceptional support for international students, early career researchers and students from all backgrounds.

Inspiring students

Fatberg solution

Fat-fighting students tackle million pound problem

26 November 2014: Our students have found a solution to the problem of ‘fatbergs’ blocking sewers with an innovative creation.

Leading innovation
An underground sewer
A mother and baby breastfeeding

Breastfeeding trial

Shopping vouchers for breastfeeding set for wide-scale trial

20 November 2014: Our project to boost breastfeeding will be tested in a large-scale trial.

Breastfeeding trial

Expert comment

Robot submarine examines Antarctic to find out why sea ice is getting thicker

Professor of Climate Change Edward Hanna explores the difference between Antarctic and Arctic sea ice.

Sea ice
A single gentoo penguin near to Antarctica

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