Scientists find evidence of Star Wars-like planetary system

27 February 2017: Evidence of planetary debris surrounding a double sun in a Star Wars-like system has been found by a team of researchers including scientists from the University of Sheffield.

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McLaren super cars at the University's Factory 2050

McLaren to build supercar chassis in Sheffield City Region - bringing £100m boost to UK economy

9 February 2017: A pioneering partnership between luxury sports car producer McLaren Automotive and the University has led to the development of a significant new manufacturing facility – bringing a £100 million boost to the economy.

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Bird lovers help scientists discover secrets of beak evolution

2 February 2017: Citizen scientists and bird lovers across the world have helped researchers to uncover new secrets about the evolution of birds' beaks over time in a ground-breaking study.

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A bird beak being analysed by researchers on a computer

Comment: Investment will help the Welsh valleys peak once more

The UK needs investment, industry and training, says our Vice-Chancellor, as he reflects on his home town in the Rhondda in this comment piece for the Financial Time's Future of Britain project..

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Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield