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Is prejudice being privatised by legislation?

Our research project explores the impact of equality legislation on attitudes towards minority groups and sheds light on the rise of popularist parties like UKIP.

A privatisation of prejudice
Image of figures to represent prejudice

This is our home. It's a special place

Find out why Sheffield is such a great place to live and study.

Nuclear AMRC

Energy technologies of the future

Homeowners could benefit from a cheaper energy alternative developed by our Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and experts in the US.

Cost-effective energy alternatives
Small modular reactor: a single NuScale module nuscale4x3b nuclear a single NuScale module
One extraordinary place

Undergraduate study

Number one for graduate prospects

Employers know students leave Sheffield with the qualities they value highly. This is why we’re ranked top in Yorkshire for graduate prospects.

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A world top-100 university

We’re known for the excellence, impact and distinctiveness of our research-led learning and teaching.

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Finding solutions together

We believe that by working with businesses we can find novel solutions to real-world problems. In our experience, these partnerships lead to world-class research and commercial success.

How we work with business

A global university

We are international

We’re highlighting the contribution of international staff and students to all UK universities. Our innovative campaign has been recognised with a major award nomination.

We are international campaign