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Honeybees at risk from virus spread by humans

A major virus that is threatening honeybees is being spread by the transportation of bees for crop pollination, our scientists have discovered.

Deformed Wing Virus study

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We’re known for the excellence, impact and distinctiveness of our research-led learning and teaching.

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Your time as a student at the University of Sheffield is unique. You’ll get a high-quality education from a world top-100 university and enjoy one of the best student experiences in the UK.

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Undergraduate study

How will we live in a world of 10 billion?

Explore global issues such as a growing world population, and showcase yourself to prospective employers as part of our Achieve More programme.

Festival of 10 billion
Achieve More

Working with business

Our business partnerships help solve real-world problems and bring commercial success.

The University and the city

Transforming the campus

We’re transforming the public spaces around our campus to create the best possible environment for our students, staff and people in the city.

Our work in the city
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A global university

Chinese new year 2016

We talk to people across the University who celebrate Chinese new year, and ask them what the festival means to them.

Family, food and fortune