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Our P3 (Plant Production and Protection) research

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Our impact

Restoring soils fit for future generations

The lessons of agricultural history and the insights of modern biotechnology could be the key to reversing the effect of soil loss on world food production.

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Improving the lives of Burmese working elephants

Research institutes and centres

Our research specialisms

We have almost 90 research institutes and centres. They address challenges from finding a cure for motor neurone disease to building a sustainable economic recovery.

Research institutes and centres

We want passionate researchers

Join our Doctoral Academy and do a PhD at the University of Sheffield. It’s a challenge that will push you to realise your full potential.

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Fruitful partnerships with business

Our collaborations help bring commercial success to businesses around the world.


Together we share knowledge, facilities and industry insight to help influence cultural, social, economic and political change.

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Expertise and talent

We’re proud of our staff and how they’re making a difference.

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Nobel Prize-winning researchers

We have a history of remarkable people leading research at Sheffield, including five Nobel Prize winners.

A good investment

We’ve invested £200 million in research capital in the last decade.

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Access a selection of our research for free via the Library at White Rose Research Online.