APS 269 Palaeobiology

Level 2
Semester 2B
Credits 10
Teaching Staff Professor Charles Wellman
Coordinator Professor  Charles Wellman


This course will:-

  • Alert students to the fact that successful interpretation of living systems requires an historical perspective, and explain how palaeontological and biological research may be integrated to achieve this.
  • Introduce students to modern concepts in palaeobiology, demonstrated using case studies on dinosaur palaeobiology and human evolution.


The task of palaeobiology is to provide greater integration between palaeontology and biology. This course examines recent developments in the field of palaeobiology, and demonstrates how fossils are used to generate testable theories about pattern in the history of life. This course will begin with 9 lectures outiining modern concepts in palaeobiology, and demonstrated using examples from all aspects of palaeontology, but concentrating on dinosaur palaeobiology. These same principles will then be explored using human evolution as a case study (9 lectures).

Delivery Method: 18 lectures

Student Contact Hours: 18

Assessment Method: 1 1/2 hour examination (multiple choice 50% and essay questions (1 from a choice of 3) 50%

Feedback: You will receive feedback on your examination performance at a meeting with your personal tutor at the start of Level 3.

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