APS 332 Issues in Environmental Science

Level 3
Semester 2
Credits 10
Pre/Co Requisites -
Restrictions Available only to Environmental Science students (see below)
Teaching Staff Professor Jonathan Leake
Co-ordinator Professor Jonathan Leake


This course will:
1. Give a grounding in the critical analysis of issue in environmental science.
2. To develop the skills in reviewing and presenting key current issues in environmental science.
3. To provide experience in writing a concise and highly informative abstract.
4. Stimulate discussion, critical thinking, consideration of scientific evidence relating to human impacts on the environment - well as the moral and ethical implications.
5. Enable group interaction at Level 3 of the Environmental Science Degree course.


The teaching on this unit will be based around a programme of staff and student-led seminars and discussions based on important current issues in environmental science, natural resources, sustainability and human-environment interactions. A central aim of the module is to develop a forum for Environmental Science students to consider and discuss some of the most important, often controversial aspects of human impacts upon the environment and the sustainability of the planet. Many of these themes will cross traditional disciplinary boundaries, encompassing environmental science, human geography and geopolitics. The seminars will be hosted by APS and GEO staff.

Restrictions: Available only to Environmental Science (ES) students, except where there are less than 18 ES students in Level 3, when places up to a total class class size of 18 will be available to students who have taken APS255

Delivery Method: 12 sessions of 2 hours

Assessment Method: Formal examination, audio visual presentation to a peer group, leading a peer-group discussion, and written abstract.

Assessment Weighting: 67% Exam, 33% Presentation.

Turnitin Submission: PDF format PowerPoint Presentation

Feedback: Students will receive feedback on coursework before the end of the semester. Examination scripts will be available for review at the start of the following semester.

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