APS349 Conservation Issues and Management

Level 3
Semester 1
Credits 20
Pre-Requisite APS271 Conservation Principles OR APS278 Tropical Forest Ecology and Conservation
Teaching Staff Professor David Edwards, Dr Karl Evans, Dr Tom Webb plus guest speakers
Co-ordinator Professor David Edwards


This course aims to provide the opportunity for students to develop (i) their knowledge of topical issues in conservation, (ii) their ability to identify potential solutions to real-world conservation problems and assess the likely effectiveness of these (iii) their skills in accessing, interpreting and synthesising the primary scientific literature in the field of conservation and (iv) their ability to think independently. This will be achieved by introducing students, through lectures and independent reading, to a range of topical issues in conservation biology, by showing how research can inform the development of action plans and by illustrating how the success of applied measures to mitigate conservation problems can be assessed. Students will then apply their learning by developing an action plan for a specific conservation problem.

Aims and Objectives

By the end of the module, a student should be able to
• describe the key ideas and significant examples for each of the topics discussed
• provide a balanced overview of areas of contention and complexity for each of the topics discussed, and provide a reasoned explanation of your own views
• demonstrate an appreciation of the complexities surrounding many apparently simple issues in conservation science
• discuss some of the ways in which ideas and principles discussed in different sections of the course could combine and interact
• identify management solutions to conservation problems and to critically assess their potential for success.
• identify and interpret relevant information from the primary literature and to synthesise across publications, specifically in the field of conservation science.

Delivery Method: 21 Lectures, 3 Seminars and 5 problem-based learning lectures and workshops

Assessment Method: Coursework and 1.5 hour Examination (essay questions, 1 from choice of 3)

Assessment Weighting: 50% Coursework and 50% Examination

TurnItIn Submission: Coursework

Feedback: Students will receive formative feedback on ideas in the problem-based learning workshops. Students can also receive feedback on performance in examinations and coursework by arranging a meeting with their personal tutor at the start of the following Semester.

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