APS359 Topics in Modern Zoology

Level 3
Semester 2A
Credits 10
Recommended Requisites APS272 Animal Diversity
Teaching Staff Dr Nicola Nadeau, Dr Mirre Simons, Dr Alison Wright
Module Co-ordinator Dr Nicola Nadeau


This module provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of topical issues in modern zoology. Students will be introduced, through lectures, independent reading, discussion and problem solving, to a core set of topical questions in zoology, and they will explore how theory and data combine to inform our understanding of these topics. We will examine three areas of current research activity in zoology, each led by an expert in that area. Each area will begin with a lecture on the fundamental theory, but the majority of the course is formed of student-led seminars exploring the literature.

This course aims to provide the opportunity for students to:
• Develop their knowledge of cutting-edge research in zoology
• Develop their skills in accessing, interpreting and synthesizing the primary scientific literature in this field

By the end of the module, a student should be able to:
• Demonstrate knowledge of a range of topical issues in zoology
• Demonstrate knowledge in each of three distinct areas of active research in zoology
• Synthesise key concepts and examples from across the zoological literature
• Critically evaluate modern zoological theory and practice

Delivery Method: 3 Lectures and 12 student-led discussions

Assessment Method: Coursework (75%), presentation and discussion (25%)

Feedback: Students will receive feedback on assessed coursework online via Blackboard

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