APS 61010 Research and Communication Skills in Biology

Level 4
Semester 1
Credits 15
Teaching Staff Professor Jon Slate, Dr Kai Zeng
Co-ordinator Professor Jon Slate


This module aims to provide training in core research and communication skills.


This module provides training in the skills necessary to pursue a research career in whole organism biology. The skills covered include: communication (both written and oral); advanced science writing (e.g. journal publications and grant applications). The module is divided into three main components, each consisting of workshops and training sessions:

* Research Funding and Communication
* Science and the media
* Effective marketing of your research skills

Learning Outcome

By the end of the module, a candidate will be able to demonstrate: (i) the ability to communicate science effectively, in both writing and orally, to peers and the general public; (ii) a knowledge of the principals that underpin the scientific method; (iii) a knowledge of the was in which scientists fund and execute their research; (iv) identify and work towards targets for career development; and (v) develop skills necessary for self-managed and lifelong learning.

Student Contact Time: The majority if teaching will be in the form of workshops, each of which will focus on specific aspects of the module, demostrating the necessary skills and then requiring students to use the new skills. The workshops will be both of a practical and theoretical nature. The tutorials will provide guidance for the tasks allocated during the workshops and expand on certain aspects of the module that are more amenable to smaller-group study. The lectures will provide an introduction to the themes that are developed in the workshops. Workshops will include those on scientific writing, presenting research to the media, and career development.

Assessment Method: Students will be required to produce reports and complete exercisesto demonstrate that they have mastered the necessary skills to a sufficient extent.

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