APS 61013 Research Project

Level 4
Semester 1 & 2
Credits 60
Teaching Staff Each student will be allocated a supervisor
Co-ordinator Professor Ben Hatchwell


* Provide the student with the opportunity to carry out an independent investigation in one of the department's research groups.
* Develop the student's skills in generating and testing hypotheses and in the design of appropriate data collection by observation and/or experiments.
* Develop the student's skills in statistical analysing, presenting and interpreting scientific data.
* Provide training in a range of laboratory or field techniques appropriate to the project.
* Develop a student's skills in both scientific writing and oral presentation.


This module consists of a laboratory or field based research project in one of the Department's research groups and gives students the opportunity to develop skills relevant to a career in biological research. Each student works under the supervision of a member of academic staff but the student is responsible for formulating the hypotheses and questions to be addressed and for planning and carrying out observations and/or experiments to test these hypotheses. The project will be written up in the form of a scientific paper and the student will deliver an oral presentation of their findings.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the module, the student will:

* Demonstrate knowledge of a range of relevant practical and presentational techniques and methodologies, including data analysis and the use of statistics;
* Analyse, synthesise and summarise information critically;
* Obtain and integrate several lines of evidence to formulate and test hypotheses;
* Design, plan, conduct and report on an investigation involving primary and/or secondary data obtained through an individual project;
* Undertake this investigation in a responsible, safe and ethical manner;
* Communicate their subject appropriately using different formats;
* Cite and reference work in an appropriate manner;
* Be familiar with the use of electronic sources of information;
* Develop skills necessary for self-managed and lifelong learning.

Student Contact Time: The student to arrange with supervisor weekly.

Assessment Method: The module will be assessed on the basis of a project report, written in the form of a scientific paper, an oral presentation and performance in the laboratory. Assessment of the project report will relate to relevant aims and learning outcomes. The supervisor's assessment of the student's performance in the laboratory (or field) through evaluation of the lab/field notebook.

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