BMS354 Tissue Engineering in Biomedical Science

Module co-ordinator: Dr I. Barbaric


The aim of this unit is to equip students with knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of tissue engineering. It will also develop their ability to evaluate current and potential tissue engineering applications, and to make suggestions for novel approaches.


The unit will provide an overview of the central topics of tissue engineering, including cell sourcing for tissue engineering, biomaterial properties and design, and cell-material interactions. Particular emphasis will be given to the recent cutting-edge examples of applying tissue engineering to restore function of various organ systems.


By the end of the unit, students will be able to

  1. Define the basic concepts of tissue engineering and describe the clinical need for tissue engineering approaches.
  2. Explain the physical and chemical factors influencing cell behaviour (e.g. differentiation, survival and motility) in vivo and in vitro.
  3. Give examples of biomaterials used for tissue engineering and explain their key characteristics.
  4. Discuss the case studies of engineered tissues.
  5. Analyse the problems associated with transplantation of tissue engineered products.
  6. Discuss ways in which tissue engineering can be used for disease modelling and drug discovery.

Teaching Methods

The content of the course will be delivered through lectures, research talks and problem solving classes. Lectures will provide core material to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding. The problem-solving classes take the form of developing proposals for tackling currently unmet clinical needs.

Reading list

Specific references will be given for each lecture.

General textbooks include:

Principles of tissue engineering, Ed. R. Lanza, R.Langer, J. Vacanti. Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2014, Biomaterials Science (Third Edition)

An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, Ed. B.D. Ratner, A.S. Hoffman, F.J. Schoen, J.E. Lemons, Academic Press, 2013


2 hour exam (essay)