Working Papers

Please find below a number of working papers from the programme. All material placed here is the sole property of the author. Nothing may be cited, quoted or summarised or reproduced without the prior express permission of the author. For contact details for all authors please see the 'Staff' link on the left hand side.

Author(s) Title  
Pamela Fisher Making Healthy Families Literature Review An extensive review of available resources in the area of `family, food and health´. [PDF, 285KB]
Pamela Fisher Wellbeing and empowerment: the importance of recognition A look at the way dominant narratives may result in undermining the positive sense of self that is crucial for self-empowerment. [PDF, 154KB]
Martin Pitts, Danny Dorling and Charles Pattie Christmas feasting and social class Examining the role of Christmas meals in Britain with particular focus on the construction of social class identities through feasting and the consumption of food and drink. [PDF, 133KB]
Martin Pitts, Danny Dorling and Charles Pattie Oil for food - the global story of edible lipids Looking at the globalisation of food in the last half-century through the medium of fats and oils, or lipids. [PDF, 242KB]
Alan Metcalfe Children’s Lunchbox Practices Examining children’s understandings of and practices in relation to food, through their lunchboxes and their responses to their contents. [PDF, 98KB]
Sarah Olive Interpreting food and family within life stories: a dialogical approach Demonstrating two contrasting approaches to analysis in relation to three life stories from the 100 Families archive. [PDF, 106KB]
Penny Curtis & Pamela Fisher Bringing it all back home: Families with children with obesity Exploring the understanding of ‘family’ in family-based health promotion interventions, taking into account the complexity of family relationships and dynamics. [PDF, 171KB]
H. R. Clark, Dr. E. Goyder, Dr. P. Bissell, Dr. L. Blank, Dr. J. Peters How do parents’ child-feeding behaviours influence child weight? Implications for childhood obesity policy A review of recent literature around child-feeding behaviours and child weight, examining the guidance available for parents in this area. [PDF, 117KB]
You can now find the final published paper online here.
Megan K. Blake, Jody Mellor, Lucy Crane BUYING LOCAL FOOD: the role of shopping practices, place and consumption networks in defining food as “local” This article contributes to recent calls to closer examine what is meant by “local” in relation to food by focusing specifically on how consumers and retailers negotiate meaning in place. [PDF, 506KB]
Jody Mellor, Megan Blake and Lucy Crane ‘When I’m doing a dinner party I don’t go for the Tesco cheeses, it’s that sort of level, you know’: Class distinctions, friendship and home entertaining. The purpose of this article is to explore how friendships are ‘done’ through processes of eating together formally within the British context, paying attention to how taste is displayed through food. [PDF, 101KB]
Peter Jackson, Graham Smith and Sarah Olive Families remembering food: reusing secondary data This paper examines the reuse of secondary data from three oral history archives in a current project on ‘Families Remembering Food‘. [PDF, 125KB]

Programme Bibliography

This bibliography, available to download from the box on the right, has been compiled from project literature reviews. It is available free of charge and is hoped it will prove a useful resource for people involved in the field of families and food.

Credit to: Rebecca Brown, Joseph Burridge, Heather Clark, Lucy Crane, Pamela Fisher, Julia Keenan, Alan Metcalfe, Sarah Olive, Katie Stubbs.