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Departmental Outreach Work with Schools

Academic Departments

A range of opportunities exist for University of Sheffield students to act as ambassadors for their department, by visiting schools to help promote, increase and widen participation in the learning of their particular subject, and in higher education in general. Opportunities to become involved in this kind of activity will be advertised by individual departments. Current departmental outreach programmes include: (i) Language Ambassadors recruited by the School of Languages and Cultures; (ii) Physics Schools Outreach Scheme - Department of Physics and Astronomy; (iii) Royal Geographical Society Ambassador Scheme - Department of Geography; (iv) the Chemistry Schools Outreach Laboratory. If you are involved in a different departmental programme, please speak to the member of staff who leads this to discuss HEAR verification.

What we can verify for your HEAR

Name Who can do it? Criteria When added to HEAR?
Departmental Outreach Work with Schools If you undertake this type of activity within your department you can gain HEAR recognition provided that you:
  1. Are successfully recruited to the role, in accordance with departmental processes.
  2. Attend any briefing/training sessions as required.
  3. Participate in a minimum of 4 school visits or outreach activities during an academic year, in accordance with departmental guidance/requirements.
  4. Feed back on the experience of undertaking this activity (e.g. in an article or blog, at a celebration event or at a feedback meeting) in accordance with departmental guidance.

Contact Email: Please speak to the member of staff who leads your departmental programme