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CPE6220   Process Safety in the Chemical Industry   (15 credits)

Year Running: 2017/2018
Credit level: F7
Pre-requisites   It is preferable, but not essential that the student has completed the core PSLP modules before undertaking this module: CPE6200, CPE6210 and CPE6270
Co-requisites   No
Additional Information   Yes - CPET03/T04/T05/T06


This unit addresses process safety in the chemical industry. It is one of a series of modules which address hazards and risks in specific industries. A wide range of chemical hazards are examined including flammability, toxicity, chemical reactivity and environmental impact. Tools and techniques for identifying hazards and reducing risk are described and practical experience in their use is provided in the form of workshop activities. The unit will describe how to prepare a "basis for safety" for a chemical process.


Reading List

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Teaching Methods

Delivery Type Hours
Independent 118.0
Lecture 16.0
Problem Solving 16.0

Methods of assessment

Assessment Type Duration % of formal assessment Semester
Course Work 0.0 100 % S2