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MEC6414   Engineering Marketable Solutions: Make a Change!   (10 credits)

Year Running: 2017/2018
Credit level: F7
Additional Information   Restricted to 15 RTP students and students registered for MECT40


Essential to the module is the concept that the students work in teams to find solutions to a real problem provided by a real customer, Typically the customer will be a member or members of the community i.e children with disabilities, terminally ill people, etc. The challenge is for the student teams to identify a technical solution to the customer problem (making their lives easier or better) and then develop a business proposition from this. Students are supported by external contributors from a great range of disciplines including business angels, bankers, marketeers, business advisors, manufacturers, etc. At the end of the course, teams pitch their ideas to an invited audience and judges from a mixed background ( technical, commercial and legal). Prizes are then awarded to the best presentations.


Reading List

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Teaching Methods

Delivery Type Hours
Lecture 10.0
Other 80.0
Seminar 10.0

Methods of assessment

Assessment Type Duration % of formal assessment Semester
Course Work 0.0 100 % S2