What subjects do I need to study?

Students taking notesMost undergraduate engineering courses will ask for A-Levels (or equivalent) in Maths and at least one Science subject (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) as part of their entry requirements.  Further details on course entry requirements can be found at our 'Science and maths.  What next?' website.

Science and maths.  What next?

It is important to research the kind of degrees available from each department.  Typically, there will be a three year (BEng) or four year (MEng) option as well as extra considerations of possibly combining the course with another subject, for example a foreign language.  Choosing an MEng course is a good option for students wishing to pursue a professional career in the engineering industry.  The University of Sheffield has an online version of the undergraduate prospectus.  This is another valuable source outlining the specific entry requirements for each course as well as the overall course structure.

University online prospectus

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Entry requirements and course information can also be seen for all universities on the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) website.