How austerity took Britain to Brexit

Craig Berry, deputy director of SPERI, looks at working-class disaffection & anti-government ideology as reasons for the Brexit result.

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Democracy Deceived: the UK’s ‘Post-Political’ Referendum

The UK’s EU Referendum was not a triumph for democracy argues Matt Flinders. Democracy was deceived, the public duped, the facts and expert analysis simply rejected as ‘the politics of fear’.

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From farm to fork: tackling the challenge of a sustainable food supply

Researchers are tackling the global challenge of providing a sustainable food supply, as part of an innovative programme bringing farmers, the government and leading academics together.

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Britain votes for Brexit: Here's what our experts think

On Thursday 23 June, the UK voted to leave the European Union. Read the latest analysis from Faculty academics on the outcome of this momentous decision.

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Sheffield Brexit home

Sheffield: what happened in this city explains why Britain voted for Brexit

Charles Pattie, Professor of Electoral Geography, says one part of the country can help us to make sense of the bigger picture around Brexit: Sheffield.

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Can we believe what the Treasury says about the cost of Brexit?

There’s a high price to be paid if Britain leaves the European Union, according to the UK’s Treasury forecasts. Leaving the EU would cost the average household £4,300 per year, it is suggested. Jonathan Perraton, Senior Lecturer in Economics, takes a look at the numbers.

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