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Dr Stuart Cunningham, BEng, PhD

Stuart Cunningham

Department of Human Communication Sciences
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Dr Cunningham is a lecturer in Human Communication Sciences. Prior to joining the department he worked as a research associate in the department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering at Barnsley Hospital.

He has previously worked as a research associate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield.

He obtained a BEng in Software Engineering and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield.

Research interests

Current projects


Key publications

  1. Herrmann, F., Cunningham, S. and Whiteside, S.P. (in press). Speaker sex effects on temporal and spectro-temporal measures of speech. Journal of the International Phonetic Association.
  2. Creer, S. M., Cunningham, S. P., Green, P. D., & Yamagishi, J. (2013). Building personalised synthetic voice for individuals with severe speech impairment. Computer Speech & Language, 27(6), 1178–1193.
  3. Hawley, M. S., Cunningham, S. P., Green, P. D., Enderby, P., Palmer, R., Sehgal, S., & Neill, P. O. (2013). A voice-input voice-output communication aid for people with severe speech impairment. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 21(1), 23–31.
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