Research Centres

Members of the Department participate in a wide range of interdisciplinary Departmental, Faculty, University and Inter-University initiatives.


Cultures of the Cold War

This network seeks to foster dialogue between scholars from different disciplines working on different aspects of the Cold War. The Centre's aim is to act as a clearing house of information and as a facilitator for discussion across the traditional disciplinary and geopgraphical boundaries, thus improving the quality of interdisciplinary and transnational discussions about the cultures of the Cold War.

Centre for the Study of Journalism and History

The Centre was formed in Autumn 2009 to provide a forum for interdisciplinary research on journalism and history. It's aim is to use seminars, research projects and publishing ventures to set up dialogues about using journalism both as a source for understanding the past, and for clarifying ideas about the public sphere, language and discourse. It is particularly interested in developing robust methodologies for exploiting digital archives of journalism content.

Eighteenth-Century Studies Group

The Eighteenth-Century Studies Group is an interdisciplinary group of scholars from a wide range of disciplines across the University of Sheffield. Together it covers the long eighteenth century - from c.1650 to 1850 - with particular strengths in British, American and European history. Staff are drawn from English Literature and Language, French, Hispanic Studies, History, Landscape, Russian and Music.

Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies

The Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines across the University of Sheffield and aims to promote genuinely interdisciplinary and collaborative research. Its interests extend over the whole breadth of the 'long nineteenth century', from c. 1789 to c. 1914, covering British, American and European history, literature and culture.

Medical Humanities Sheffield

This Centre brings together over 100 colleagues from the Faculties of Medicine, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Engineering to explore the interface between medicine/science and and the arts and social sciences, focusing on issues relating to the well-being of mind and body in societies past and present.

Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies (SCEMS)

SCEMS brings together scholars of the three ‘long’ centuries which make up the early modern: the long sixteenth century, the long seventeenth century, and the long eighteenth century. This makes for a remarkable concentration of expertise and inter-disciplinary work. It also begs fundamental questions with which all early modernists must wrestle, about change, continuity, and periodization.

The Centre for Peace History

The Centre for Peace History at The University of Sheffield aims to advance our understanding of the historically contingent ways in which people have thought about and, quite literally, made peace. The Centre is a unique institution, not only in the UK, but also in Europe and the wider world. It is devoted to the inter-disciplinary study of practices, representations and reflections of peace and peaceful conflict resolution.