Manufacturing & Design

Research Summary

Our Manufacturing and Design group delivers research across a wide range of sectors, often through multi-disciplinary activities. Our academics have expertise in a number of disciplines, including mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, ergonomics and chemistry, and engage in research with experts from fields as diverse as biomechanics, psychology and biology.

Research in manufacturing technology focuses on additive manufacturing, composites and machining and spans a wide range of technology readiness levels from fundamental to applied research. This includes a number of activities with the University's multi-million pound Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. Our design activities include close interaction with the University's Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Modelling (INSIGNEO).


In order to foster productive collaborations, our state of the art equipment is based across a number of labs, with complementary facilities and expertise from other disciplines. For example, our metal additive manufacturing work is primarily conducted with colleagues from our Department of Materials Science and Engineering, while our polymer additive manufacturing facilities are co-located with the university's composites labs. Examples of collaboration across technology readiness levels includes machining research where experimental data is recorded at AMRC and analysed within the Department.