General Academic Entry Requirements and UKCAT

Entry Requirements

Please note that these requirements are the minimum required in order to be considered for entry to the Medicine course. For 2014 entry we received over 2,500 applications for 237 places with the majority of these meeting at least the minimum academic requirements.  As our selection procedure takes into account academic achievements applicants will be assessed on the results (achieved and/or predicted) of all their qualifications. Due to the competitive nature of applying for the course most candidates selected for interview usually far exceed our minimum requirements.

It is expected that all examinations at each level be taken in one sitting.  Unfortunately we are unable to consider examinations taken early or resit examinations.  Please note that A Levels in Critical Thinking and General Studies are not acceptable and in some cases, we may not be able to consider Modern Languages.  We will not consider A Level Further Mathematics for candidates who hold Mathematics A Level.  Please contact us for further information.


All applicants applying to study Medicine at the University of Sheffield will need to undertake the UK Clinical Aptitude Test for Medicine and Dentistry (UKCAT) in order to be eligible for admission.  The test must be taken prior to your application, details of test dates and how to register can be found on the UKCAT website which can be accessed from the link on the right.  Please note that test results are only valid for the current admissions cycle, if you re-apply to this medical School you will need to sit the test again.  In addition to the academic requirements, candidates will be expected to have achieved a score of 2600 or above to be given consideration.

GCSE requirements

The GCSE requirements for A100 and A104 are the same.  You must have:

  • GCSE passes at grade C or above in Mathematics, English and the Sciences (which may be dual awards).
  • You should have at least six A grades in GCSE subjects.
  • The six A grades may include Mathematics, English and the sciences.
  • Acceptable science GCSEs include: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Sciences (dual awards)

Please note:

  • The GCSE requirements shoud have been met by the point of application.
  • The relevant GCSEs should be studies for no longer than two years.
  • The six A grades must all be obtained in the same sitting.
  • The required C grades in Mathematics, English and the Sciences do not need to be obtained in the same year as the six A grades.
  • We do not accept GCSE resits.
  • In addition you must meet the AS and A Level entry requirements for your chosen programme of study.
  • Non-GCSE qualifications (such as Level 2 OCR qualifications) taken alongside GCSEs are not considered as equivalent and do not count towards meeting the GCSE requirement.  If you have not studied GCSEs, please contact the Medical Admissions Office for information about alternative acceptable qualifications and required levels of achievement.