Our Strategic Plan is the practical tool we use to make our ambitions a reality.

Watch the video to hear Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett explain more about what we stand for and where we want to be.

Explore the rest of this website to read more detail on our plans and see examples of what we're doing.

What we stand for

Our mission, vision and identity explain who we are, where we've come from, our values and where we're going. 

Mission, vision and identity

Guiding principles

We use these to guide everything we do. Keep updated with examples of this in action using the case studies below.

Our six guiding principles

Measuring success

We set objectives across our six guiding principles and use performance indicators to measure what we achieve.

How are we doing?

Case studies

Achieving Excellence

Björk on stage

Reinventing the album to create musical history

We worked with international pop icon Björk to help create the first interactive music album for mobile devices.

Cultivating Ambition

Student with ADOPT participant

Inspiring dentists of the future

Our unique dental outreach scheme helps teenagers in our region turn their dreams into degrees.

Making a Difference

SIIDshare student

Shaping future leaders through social enterprise

Our flagship social enterprise for international development encourages every one of our students to make a difference.

Working Together

Forest view from the air

Sheffield-born space mission to measure the world's forests

A space mission that will exploit our research and enable the earth's global forest biomass to be measured with unprecedented accuracy is scheduled to launch in 2020.

Protecting the Future

Volcano monitoring technology

New volcano monitoring technology goes global

Our pioneering volcano monitoring technology has the potential to save thousands of lives.

Leading the Way

Elderly couple

Active ageing research sets the global agenda

Our research into ageing is enhancing the quality of life for people all over the world.

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This website includes much of the content from our Strategic Plan. You can also download print-friendly versions of the three updated Strategic Plan 2010-2013 documents here: