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Postgraduate Nursing and Midwifery Programmes ONLINE


Nurses and midwives around the world are currently being expected to extend their knowledge and skills beyond basic levels to further develop their practice. The University of Sheffield School of Nursing and Midwifery has adopted a strategy of addressing this issue with postgraduate courses taken via the Internet. Its first entirely online course - The Master of Midwifery - has been running since 2004.

The programme is completely self-contained, with all materials (including journals, databases etc.) provided online, so no-one is disenfranchised by being located far from a centre of academic excellence. Our students appreciate the flexibility of online learning, the opportunity to gain otherwise unattainable qualifications and forming part of a virtual yet vibrant multicultural learning community.

Advantages for Students:

  • Allows study anywhere, any time, regardless of work or family commitments
  • Employs a flexible and learner-centred approach
  • Saves both time and money, with no relocation or travel costs involved
  • Offers insight into UK NHS and international working practices

Advantages for Employers:

  • Cost-effective way of promoting post-registration development of staff, including those on an advanced specialist career path
  • Minimises impact on work time of staff learning activities
  • Flexibility of learning allows focus on specific employer requirements

Our Courses

Master of Midwifery (MMid) and MMedSci in Maternity Care

This programme provides opportunities for midwives and other practitioners working with women during childbirth to undertake postgraduate studies in midwifery or maternity care, wherever they might be located.

MMedSci in Advanced Nursing Studies

This programme is designed for qualified nurses in any sphere of their profession who have reached the stage of their career where their experience renders them suitable candidates for study at a higher academic level.