Tuition fees

You may be aware that the maximum fee we are permitted to charge for Home (UK/EU) students is set by the UK government. The fee cap is currently £9,000 and is proposed to change to £9,250. We will set fees for 2017-18 within the government fee cap.

The fees to be charged by the University will be updated on the University website and if there is any inconsistency between a print publication (such as the prospectus) and the website, the website should be taken as correct.

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LibraryTuition fees facts: what you need to know

You'll find lots of information about tuition fees on these pages. Before you dive in and read the detail, remember these key facts:

  • Our fees for the academic year 2016-17 are £9,000
  • The University will set fees for 2017-18 within the government fee cap for undergraduate tuition fees. Reference to a fee of £9,000 shown in the print version of the 2017-18 prospectus is out of date.
  • Our fees information will be updated on the University website.
  • You don't have to pay anything upfront and you don't start repaying your loan until you're earning over £21,000 per year
  • Loans are available to cover tuition fees and living costs
  • It's the best investment you'll ever make
  • In some circumstances you might pay a reduced fee (for example if you do a medicine foundation year or spend a year abroad). See exceptions for 2017 entry.