Alumni Fund USA

US fundraising priorities

US Study Abroad Scholars with VC

The focus of our fundraising in the United States is people. The majority of US Alumni Fund donations have been allocated to scholarships for talented students who need a little extra help to make the most of their opportunities in Sheffield.

The Alumni Scholarship

A regular Sheffield Alumni Scholarship is worth £1,000 a year, for 3 years, and donations from American alumni help us to provide more of these. Students are carefully selected by a panel of staff, students and alumni in Sheffield. We have plenty of success stories about impact these awards make on the lives of our students.

US Study Abroad Scholarships

The University of Sheffield in America also runs a special scholarship programme for American Study Abroad students, who come to Sheffield either for a full year or one semester, as part of their US college degree. 

Being able to offer the best Study Abroad applicants a partial scholarship (£1,000 for a full year or £500 for one semester) provides a valuable incentive for them to choose Sheffield as their Study Abroad destination.

"My time in Sheffield has been unforgettable. The people I met at Sheffield have had such a profound impact on my life here at the University of Illinois, and every day even more influences become apparent. I am extremely grateful for the scholarship I received."
Jen Gonzalez, Urban Planning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

These scholarships are entirely funded by American alumni and are a fantastic way to strengthen Sheffield's international reputation, build on the diversity of our campus, and enhance our student experience.

Decision making

The University of Sheffield in America is a separate legal entity from the University. Decisions on how US Alumni Fund donations are spent in Sheffield are made by its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is happy to take into account the preference of donors for a particular area or project when making these decisions.