A centre of excellence for pioneering stem cell research

Undertaking fundamental and applied research on the biology of pluripotent stem cells with the aim to develop cell therapies for regenerative medicine.

First Sheffield Stem Cell Club

Come and join us for the first Sheffield Stem Cell club to take place on Wednesday 26th October, 4-6 pm. Venue: Alfred Denny Conference Room.


Hydrogels putting Stem Cells to sleep

Sheffield researchers revealed that mimicking a natural process called diapause can halt stem cells, effectively putting them to sleep for up to two weeks.

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Protein could improve treatments for recurrent miscarriages and pre-eclampsia

Scientists within the University of Sheffield have identified a protein involved in the development of the human placenta, which may also help embryos implant in the womb.

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Our Research

We are focused on developing the basic biology and technology underpinning the use of Stem Cells for applications in medicine.

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Study & Training

We provide specialist training in the fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. Every year, we recruit students to work on a range of projects as well as running a number of training workshops and events.

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Sponsors & Partnerships

The Centre for Stem Cell Biology is generously sponsored by a number of organisations, we also have a number of collaborations & partnerships too.

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