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Sheffield Institute of Biotechnology Law and Ethics

Sheffield’s Institute of Biotechnology Law and Ethics (SIBLE) is an interdisciplinary institute with an international reputation for research on legal and ethical aspects of biotechnology and the biosciences. SIBLE is a university wide centre with members from law, medicine, biomolecular science, tissue engineering and developmental biology. SIBLE's seminar series plays a leading role in fostering interdisciplinary reflection and exchange on the interface between law, ethics and the biosciences.

Our research

Our members are actively involved in research concerning the ethical and legal issues raised by new developments in the biosciences. The spectrum of research undertaken stretches from theoretical, international comparative research to applied, interdisciplinary research on cutting-edge issues in the discovery chain, from new genetics to confidentiality, ethics governance and the commercialization of research.

Seminars and events

Fostering collaborative research SIBLE host workshops and events that welcome internationally speakers and policy makers to engage in the research projects that SIBLE are working on.

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Knowledge exchange

We actively engaged in knowledge exchange activities. Our members work on external projects where they sharing knowledge and expertise, that often impacts on decision making and policy development.

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We develop extensive collaborative research links through externally funded projects with bioscientists, bioethicists, lawyers and policy makers from around the world.

Our projects

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The best way to contact us is by emailing law-research@sheffield.ac.uk

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