Undergraduate 2016 Entry Requirements

The table below outlines the grades you will need to achieve to join Sheffield University Management School in 2016.

Please note that not all A-levels or A-level combinations meet our entry requirements. The Management School does not regard A-level Applied Business as having the same level of knowledge, theoretical and conceptual-based learning as A-level Business Studies. Consequently, we will only accept A-level Applied Business in combination with two other knowledge, theoretical and conceptual learning-based A-levels. At least two of your A-levels should be in acceptable subjects, which are detailed here: Guidance on A-level subjects

If you have any questions about whether your combination of A-levels would meet our requirements, please email us at umgt_help@sheffield.ac.uk.

Guidance regarding accepted A-levels can be found here.

Standard Offers for Management School Degree Courses for Applicants Taking Three A-levels in entry in 2016:

Course UCAS code Entry requirement
Accounting & Financial Management N420 AAB
Accounting & Financial Management and Economics NL41 AAB
Accounting & Financial Management and Mathematics NG41 AAB (including A-level Mathematics grade A)
International Business Management N120 AAB
Business Management N200 AAB
Business Management and Economics NL21 AAB
Business Management and Mathematics NG21 AAB (including A-level Mathematics grade A)
Business Management and Social Policy NL24 AAB
Sociology and Business Management NL2K AAB
French and Business Management RN12 ABB (including A-level French grade B)
German and Business Management RN22 ABB (including A-level German grade B)
Chinese Studies and Business Management TN12 AAB
Korean Studies and Business Management TN42 AAB
Business Management and Japanese Studies TN12 AAB
Hispanic Studies and Business Management RN42 ABB (including a language qualification)
Russian and Business Management RN72 ABB (including a language qualification)