Professor Neil Hopkinson

Professor Neil Hopkinson


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

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Professor Hopkinson graduated from The University of Nottingham in 1993 with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management. After a brief career experiment as a football (soccer) coach in USA he opted to embark on a PhD in Rapid Prototyping/Tooling at Nottingham in 1996 – moving his PhD to De Montfort University in 1998.

Upon completing his PhD in 1999 Neil took up a lectureship at De Montfort University and moved to Loughborough University in 2001. In 2011 he took the post of Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at The University of Sheffield.

Research Areas

Neil’s research is field is Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing among many other names). He has been pioneer of the technology as a manufacturing process, publishing the first work proposing the use of "3D Printing" for series manufacture and being the lead editor on the world’s first book into the subject.

The field of Additive Manufacturing spans many disciplines that Neil has embraced through numerous collaborations with industry and academia across the globe. However the majority of his research has been into manufacturing process/material aspects and this has led to him being an inventor on two patent families.

Neil’s work has been recognised internationally by academia (e.g. IMechE A.M. Strickland award 2011, Rapid Prototyping Journal Outstanding paper of 2010) and industry (e.g. USA Society of Manufacturing Engineers Breakthrough Technology Award 2009). He is a member of the EPSRC Peer review College (2003 to present) and has advised various organisations globally regarding manufacturing strategy.

To date Neil has secured over £3.5M of cash from public sources (EPSRC, TSB etc.) and industry funding plus further in-kind support. He has been engaged as a consultant for a number of organisations.

Research Grants Over £100,000 as Principle Investigator

  • £184,729 from EPSRC Follow on Fund for Anchorless Selective Laser Melting (ASLM) of high melt temperature metals (1/10/11 - 30/9/12).
  • £349,628 from EPSRC/IMCRC on Advanced Understanding and Control of Polymer Sintering (1/4/09 – 30/9/11).
  • £1,092,013 from EPSRC/IMCRC plus £120,000 industrial cash for Integrated Project on Personalised Sports Footwear: From elite to High Street (1/10/06 – 30/9/11).
  • £108,656 from EPSRC Follow on Fund for Proving commercial viability of high speed sintering through a larger build area (1/10/06 – 30/9/07)
  • £264,751 from EPSRC/IMCRC for High Speed Sintering of Powders (1/4/04 – 30/9/06)
  • £419,632 from EPSRC for Investigation into Laminate Tools for Polyurethane Foam Moulding (1/10/01 – 30/9/04)


  • Hopkinson N (2006) Rapid manufacturing. Wiley.

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers

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