Jessica Leech

Jess LeechBA (Cantab), MPhil (London), PhD (Sheffield and Geneva)

I joined the Department in September 2012, after spending one year  as a Junior Research Fellow at King's College, Cambridge. I did my doctorate jointly at the University of Sheffield and the University of Geneva (as part of the “Theory of Essence” research project based at the Eidos Centre for Metaphysics at the University of Geneva).

Research Interests

My research interests, contemporary and historical, centre around the topic of modality. I am interested in contemporary issues in the metaphysics of modality, such as the notion of essence, and the relationships between different kinds of  necessity. I am also interested in exploring what Kant had to say about modality, and issues arising from that. My doctoral thesis “The Varieties of Modality: Kantian Prospects for a Relativist Account” was an attempt to bring these two main strands of interest together. I am currently working on a book which attempts to draw out Kant's view on modality, and apply them to contemporary issues in the metaphysics of modality.

General interests: Philosophy of Kant, metaphysics, philosophical logic, philosophy of language, and epistemology.

Selected Publications

"Relative Necessity Reformulated", with Bob Hale, Journal of Philosophical Logic, online early.

"Logic and the Laws of Thought" Philosopher's Imprint, 15:12 (2015)

"The Varieties of (Relative) Modality" Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, online early.

"Making Modal Distinctions: Kant on the possible, the actual, and the intuitive understanding." Kantian Review 19:3 (2014) 339-365

Kant’s Modalities of JudgmentThe European Journal of Philosophy. 20:2 (2012) 60-284

‘Creationism’ and the Contingent A PrioriRatio XXIII (2010)



Office Hours - Spring 2016

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