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Sarah Fulton“Welcome to Research & Innovation Services (R&IS). My colleagues and I will provide guidance, expert advice and hands on support to help you achieve your research ambitions as they relate to the research environment and your outputs. Through working in partnership with you, your faculty and research support we will help you to succeed in areas such as: securing research funding; working with research partners; undertaking knowledge exchange and demonstrating impact; commercialising outputs; early career researcher development; good research practice and supporting the academic and professional development journey of our doctoral students.

"We deliver our support both via faculty-facing multi–disciplinary support teams, steered by faculty research strategies, and through institutional cross-cutting support, which includes institutional governance, coherence and alignment, as well as strategic research development and interdisciplinary research growth. Please use our dedicated Faculty portal to find the right contacts and services for you. Support for institutional cross-cutting activities may be accessed via the functional areas below."

Sarah Tindall – Director of Research & Innovation Services

R&IS Awards

Latest News

The Government announces plans to underwrite Horizon 2020 awards that go beyond the UK's departure from the EU. Read full news story here.

Research Development

Research DevelopmentSupport to write and cost grants to secure funding to undertake research. As well as information on managing your research grant.

Contracts and Awards

Contracts Information on how to organise contracts to support your research and innovation related activity.


CommercialsationAdvice & support to protect, exploit or commercialise ideas and intellectual property.

Research ethics & integrity

Research EthicsInformation, advice and educational materials on
policies and procedures that support high quality research.

Research Partnerships

Business and partnershipsSupport and funding to collaborate with external partners to further research.

Doctoral Research Students & Research Staff

Research staff and students Supporting researchers with a range of valuable opportunities, information & guidance to support their development.