The University of Sheffield Calendar 2016-17

The Calendar for 2016-17 will be published in full in September 2016.

In the meantime, a summary explanation of the changes to the General Ordinances and Regulations for 2016-17 is provided in a memo which can be accessed via the download box on the right of this page. This memo has already been circulated to Heads of Departments and other key contacts in departments and Professional Services. The related Examination Conventions can also be accessed via the download box on the right of this page.

* General and Special Ordinances for Degrees
General University Regulations
General Regulations for First Degrees
General Regulations for Higher Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas and Postgraduate Certificates
General Regulations as to Examinations
General Regulations as to Progress of Students
General Regulations as to Student Fitness to Practise
Regulations as to the Discipline of Students
Regulations relating to the Library

The University of Sheffield Calendar 2015-16

The Calendar sets out the Charter, Statutes and Regulations of the University.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given in these pages, but the University can accept no responsibilities for any errors or omissions. University programmes of study are continually reviewed and revised and there may well be some changes between the date of publication and the time the student embarks on the programme of study. The University reserves the right to discontinue programmes of study and to amend Ordinances and Regulations governing programmes of study whenever it sees fit. Students and others should enquire as to the up-to-date position when they need to know this.