Engineering Imagination

Sunday 19th June 11am - 3pm 
Sheffield Winter Garden

Engineering Imagination

Imagination can take you anywhere

Imagination, curiosity and creativity have given us electricity, the steam engine, cars, planes, medicine and mobile phones. An imaginative child will become an imaginative adult, likely to create and invent. Likely to change the world.

We're celebrating National Women in Engineering Day 2016 and inviting you to join us on Sunday 19th June for a day of free activities in the Winter Gardens exploring science, engineering and most of all imagination. No need to book - just come along and get involved with our engineers, scientists and students. There'll be plenty to see, do, eat and take away.

For more details about the day, contact Karen Burton, Women in Engineering Support Officer, at

 Winter Garden Events - 11am-3pm
Virtual Reality with Suzie and Ricky
Get up close to Suzie and Ricky by helping them rebuild their spaceship! Complete the puzzle then fly into space!

"Suzie and Ricky thought the school trip to the Engineering Research Institute was going to be interesting enough. Little did they know how extraordinary their day would really be after Suzie discovers something out of this world… in her back garden! Join Suzie and Ricky as they work together to help their new friend find a way home."

Meet the authors of the Women in Engineering Student Society's book for children - engineering students at the University of Sheffield - and get your free copy.
Women in Engineering Student Society
The University of Sheffield
Meet the Robots!
Come and meet the NAO Robots and DogBot!
Department of Computer Science
The University of Sheffield
Candyfloss: How it's Made!
Ever wondered how candyfloss is made? We'll explain how it works and spin some sugar! You'll also get to eat some.
Charlotte Bjorck
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
The University of Sheffield
Nuclear Power Decommissioning
Become a nuclear engineer for a day: engineers from the Nuclear AMRC will help you decommission a nuclear power plant without causing an accident.
Nuclear AMRC
Giant Tetrahedron
Maths, science and lateral thinking are used to produce a giant (4 metre high) tetrahedron using only dowels and elastic bands.
Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE)
Chocolate Experiment
Putting chocolate to the test in this tasty experiment.
The University of Sheffield
I <3 Engineering
Real-life scientists and engineers will be around to talk to you about their careers and what got them interested in engineering.
The University of Sheffield


Plus much more on the day!