Athena Swan Submissions and Champions

Athena Swan
Athena Swan Celebration 2016

The faculty is proud of the ongoing commitment to gender equality within the University and within our departments through the Athena SWAN Charter.

The Charter recognises commitment to tackling gender inequality in higher education and celebrates good employment practice for women working in science, engineering and technology in higher education and research. 

Nine of our departments have been awarded an Athena SWAN award which demonstrates that the departments have gone above and beyond university policy to foster a supportive culture and practices which enable both women and men to fulfil their career potential. Below is the current award status and Athena Swan champion of each engineering department.

  • Automatic Control & Systems Engineering - Bronze May 2019
    Champion: Roselina Arelhi:
  • AMRC - Bronze November 2022
    Champion: Gustavo A Escobar-Palafox:
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering - Silver April 2017
    Champion: Annette Taylor:
  • Civil & Structural Engineering - Bronze Nov 2016
    Champion: Sam Clarke:
  • Computer Science - Silver Nov 2016
    Champion: Neil Walkinshaw:
  • Electronic & Electrical Engineering - Bronze November 2016
    Champion: Dan Gladwin: 
  • Materials Science & Engineering - Silver extended to April 2020
    Champion: Dr Eddie Cussen:
  • Mechanical Engineering - Silver October 2018
    Champion: David Polson:
  • Nuclear AMRC - Bronze Nov 2016 
    Champion: Kathryn Jackson: