Engineering student teams and societies

Engineering students have the opportunity to take part in competitions and other practical activities to hone their skills in preparation for their careers.


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Avalon ROV

The Avalon ROV team is a group engineering students with a passion for underwater robotics. Each year the team designs and builds an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) to perform missions underwater such as installing turbines or retrieving samples.

Facebook: AvalonROV

More information about Avalon ROV

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders Sheffield is a group of student engineers who use sustainable technology to help remove barriers to development. The society run a wide range of projects based around sustainability and humanitarianism.

Facebook: EWB-Sheffield Branch

Twitter: EWBSheffield 

More information about EWB


iForge is the UK's first student-led makerspace, giving students the opportunity to collaborate, create and make outside of their academic studies.

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Project Phoenix

A student-led project to construct and pilot a 1920s, single engine, two seater Pietenpol Air Camper aircraft. The team consists of members from across engineering departments, plus some from outside of engineering.

Railway Challenge at Sheffield

Railway Challenge at Sheffield is an interdisciplinary team of engineers who design and manufacture a miniature locomotive to compete in the annual IMechE Railway Challenge.

More about Railway Challenge

Sheffield Bionics

Sheffield Bionics are a group of students who work together to design and create innovative prosthetic devices and biologically-inspired assistive technologies.

Sheffield Eco Motorsports

Student teams around the world design, build and drive the most energy-efficient vehicle. The competition runs under strict global technical and safety rules and rewards teams that excel both on and off the track.

More about Sheffield Eco Motorsports

Sheffield Formula Racing

Student teams from around the world design, build, test and race a small-scale Formula style racing car. This is an annual engineering competition held at Silverstone and run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

More about Sheffield Formula Racing

Sheffield Space Initiative

SunbYte - The SunbYte project aims to  change this by proving that low cost telescopes launched on high altitude balloons can still collect high quality, research ready images.

SunrIde - The team was formed in 2017 with an objective of bringing together engineering skills and innovation for rocketry design.

SUNSat - Project SunSat’s aim is to develop a standardised service module where an experimental payload can be connected to a standardised interface and function using the EPS, ADCS, TC systems of SunSat.

MoonWorks - Project MoonWorks aims to develop a miniature lunar rover which can retrieve ice samples from the depths of moon craters.

MarsWorks - Creating a Mars Rover to compete in the European Rover Challenge.

Simurq Aeronautics

Created and run by students with the aim of taking part in aircraft design competitions. The team has successfully competed in the British Model Flying Association Heavy Lift and Electric Lift Challenges and also the International MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) competition. Projects include:

  • Project Hex, who are embarking on an enterprising two year long project to design, build and fly an advanced 3.2m wingspan VTOL Fixed Wing UAS to enter into the 2023 AUVSI SUAS challenge.
  • Project Volaticus, which was initially created with the goal of human powered flight. Now they use their fixed wing design skills to compete in the IMechE UAS Challenge, with June 2019 marking the first competition entered.
  • Project Falcon - creating the world’s first variable incidence winged octocopter to push the capabilities of modern flight research. The team aims to showcase their prototype in UAV tech fairs and compete in an international competition soon.

Check out Simurq on social:

More information about Simurq Aeronautics

Women in Engineering Student Society

The Women in Engineering (WiE) Student Society was founded in 2012 with the aim of redressing the gender imbalance in the discipline. Raising the profile of talented female engineers and widening the general understanding of engineering are key targets of the programme, particularly through outreach initiatives with school students

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