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Firth Court building
Firth Court

Our global reputation

A leader in teaching and research

We’re a world top-100 university, renowned for our teaching and research. We’ve shaped leading minds across the world, including five Nobel prize winners.

Students love Sheffield

Discover a creative city that’s green, friendly and buzzing with things to do.

A great place to live

Your personal tour of the University

A great place to study

Find out how we’ll inspire you and nurture your talent.

Professor Tim Birkhead with students

World-class teaching

Innovative thinkers make inspiring tutors

You’ll be taught by inspirational researchers and get to see the work they do first hand.

Learn from the best

An extraordinary place

Students love Sheffield

Make your home in a stunning city. And join the best students’ union in the UK.

Why Sheffield's so special
Town Hall and Winter Garden


Home from home

Free internet. All your bills included. And hundreds of friendly neighbours.

Our accommodation
Student accommodation

Experience all that our city has to offer