Parents and supporters

Supporting your child through university is an exciting but sometimes daunting journey. From guidance on making that important decision to helping them adjust to a new way of living and studying, we will guide you through the process.

Keep up to date with latest advice on coronavirus (covid-19)

Coronavirus: latest guidance and advice

Support for students who are self-isolating

Undergraduate fees and funding

All you need to know about undergraduate fees and funding - plus online tools to help you work out your finances.

Funding university

Student Finance England guide for parents

While at university or college, your child or partner will have two main costs – tuition fees and living costs.

Student finance explained

Undergraduate scholarships

Scholarships are available to help fund your child's study and enhance their learning experience.


Our relationship with you

There are differences between your relationship with the University and the one you had with schools.

Student confidentiality

How we support your child

An outline of the student support services available whilst your child is at University.

Student support