Our relationship with you

"I want to talk about my son/daughter's application/progress/situation"

The staff at The University of Sheffield are unable to give any information about a student either applying for a place at the University or a student currently studying at the University, to a third party, without that student's express permission. This includes parents, spouses, siblings etc.

This is because UK law (the 1998 Data Protection Act) and University policy prohibit the disclosure of an individual's information- except in certain situations.

All Universities in the UK follow similar guidelines.


Information about a student's progress during the application procedure may only be discussed with the student concerned. If your son/daughter wishes you to discuss their application with University staff, they must contact the department in question to give permission for this.

Current Students

If you are worried about a student you can contact a member of staff who will take your concerns seriously . The University is unable to confirm whether the student actually attends the institution but can tell you what procedure would be followed/action taken in such cases.

In an emergency University staff will contact the next of kin (without the student's permission) only if medical personnel advise that it is required.