World-class teaching and research

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Extraordinary teachers

Our staff are experts, respected by their peers all over the world from Harvard to Tokyo. Their work drives positive change, empowering people and making communities stronger.

They are the dedicated teachers who will challenge you to achieve your very best. Many are accredited Senior, Principal and National Teaching Fellows, which means they're recognised at a national level for high quality teaching.

Physics students in lab

How we teach

Our job is to prepare you for life after university. That’s why every undergraduate takes part in projects exploring ways to apply what they learn. Our teachers and support staff work hard, bringing your subject to vivid life in lectures, seminars and practicals.

The brightest and best students choose Sheffield because they want to be challenged. They don't expect to be given all the answers. The Sheffield experience is about learning how to find the answers yourself.

Inspirational lecturers

Get to know some of our lecturers as they discuss the courses they teach and what inspires them. Watch all videos on our playlist.

Beyond the classroom

Some things can't be learned from books. Getting out of the classroom and engaging with the world builds confidence, self-reliance, and practical skills. The experience makes you more employable. It can also give you a unique perspective on your subject.

Working in teams with students from other departments and with external organisations, you will develop a clear sense of how your subject relates to the world. You’ll learn how different disciplines come together to find solutions to global challenges. For example, you might explore how a growing population could affect the planet through projects such as Achieve More.

We teach this way because we think it makes our students better citizens, and because it’s the best preparation for a truly rewarding career. The most employable graduates understand their subject from every perspective. The most effective professionals know how to work with people from other fields.

Boost your career prospects

Inspirational academics at Sheffield

We listen

When it comes to what you learn, and how you learn it, we aim for the right balance. But how do we know what that is? Well, we listen to our partners in the professions, in industry, the public sector and the arts. And we listen to you.

We work closely with students to develop course content, teaching and assessment. A group of students have recently helped to re-design an entire course.

Individual support

All students have a personal tutor within their academic department.

You can go to your personal tutor with any queries at all – worries about an essay deadline, a bright idea for a project. Your tutor will make the time to listen and point you in the direction of further support if you need it.

A powerful blend of teaching and research

Applied research is an integral part of the curriculum. From the first year onwards, you'll work alongside brilliant researchers on live projects as part of your course.

This could mean solving a business problem, addressing a social issue or working with a community anywhere in the world.

Beyond your subject

We free up time for most of our students to take modules in other departments. That could mean learning a language or anything else you feel will enhance your knowledge.

Through our Languages for All scheme, you can develop your foreign language skills within your course, either by learning a new language from scratch, or continuing a language you have started already.

Study abroad

Study abroad

You could spend between three and 12 months studying at a top university in Europe, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore or the USA.

Global opportunities for you

Ernst and Young

Work placements

If your tutors agree, you could do a work placement – spending a year in business or industry as part of your degree. Your tutor and our dedicated Careers Service will help you explore all the options available to you.

Work experience and placements

How will I be taught?

You'll learn in a variety of ways, including lectures, seminars, tutorials and independent study.

Depending on what course you take, you might do fieldwork, small-group work and take part in student-led seminars and group projects. Some of your work may be supplemented with online lessons. All these approaches encourage you to work independently and be curious about the world around you – skills that will set you up for life and work.